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Car air conditioning re-gas in Brighton

Whether it’s the height of summer or coming into wetter, colder weather, your car air conditioning still remains useful. It the summer, it can help to keep us cool during the hotter weather when the sun shines through the windscreen and opening the window just doesn’t help. But it also helps us to demist windscreens in colder, wetter weather that can cause our cars to steam up. That’s why it’s important to keep it working throughout the year to ensure that we remain safe and comfortable in our vehicles.

If your air conditioning isn’t working

If you find that your car air conditioning isn’t working as it should or is not getting cold like it used to, we can help. Over 60% of vehicles are now fitted with an air conditioning system. With a lot more people buying new cars, most modern vehicles will need an air conditioning re-gas after around 2 years. Manufacturers recommend that your refrigerant gas is topped up with gas and lubricated every 2 years to ensure the correct and optimum operation.

Your car’s air conditioning

A car air conditioning system that is low on gas or hasn’t been recharged will be less effective and have to work a lot harder. This can put extra strain on your engine and can lead to your car using more fuel and cause lower miles per gallon, costing you a lot more money in the long run.

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Signs your car needs a recharge

Your car will lose its refrigerant gas by around 10% each year. Whilst it is recommended to get a re-gas every 2 years, it can be useful to look for signs in your car as each one is different.

• Loss in cooling capability

The most common symptom that is pretty obvious to most drivers is that there will be a noticeable loss in the capability of your system. If the gas drops too low, it can begin to affect the system and you’ll notice that the air isn’t blowing as cold as it was or not at all.

• The clutch does not engage

With your air conditioning, you should be able to hear the system’s clutch engage with a click. This clutch is activated due to a pressure switch in the system. When the level of gas gets too low, this switch does not activate and therefore the clutch doesn’t engage. Without the air conditioning clutch engaged, the system cannot even circulate what’s left of the refrigerant gas.

• Signs of leaks

If there are any visible signs of leaks such as any greasy film on your fittings and components or any pools of water underneath the vehicle, then it could mean there is a leak in the system. In this case, your refrigerant gas is being lost. If there is a leak in the system, a re-gas will help temporarily repair the issue, but you’ll need to have the leak fixed to avoid further problems. Book your air conditioning repairs online.

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