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Engine fault reading and repairs

We offer diagnostic testing for all makes and models at Patcham Garage. When you need a Diagnostic test or your car’s warning lights are illuminated on your dashboard, we can help identify the problem before more damage is caused.

Your car’s ECU Unit

Most modern cars are now built with an Engine Control Unit or ECU. This monitors the performance of the components of your vehicle. When something goes wrong, sensors report back to your ECU to let them know there is a problem. This is when a warning light comes up on your dashboard. This can be anything from a low fluid level to increased engine temperature.

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Identifying the problem

A diagnostic test can help identify the problem and where it is located in your car. A code reader is connected to your car to identify your exact make and model. It then scans the system to find the codes that your ECU has generated and displays them on the screen. Our mechanics at Patcham Garage can then determine where the cause of the fault lies and come up with a solution.

Why do I need a diagnostic test?

There can be literally hundreds of potential error codes that display when it comes to warning lights or problems with your ECU. These codes can only be read by specialist diagnostic equipment. At Patcham Garage, we have invested in the latest technology to ensure that we can do this for every make and model of vehicle. Once we can identify these codes, our highly qualified mechanics can then translate them, so we can know exactly where the issue is coming from. We can then provide you with an accurate quote for repairs and, with your approval, get the work done quickly. A diagnostic test on your car ensures that we find the problem quickly and accurately before any further damage is done to your car.

Engine diagnostic service

With Patcham Garage, you get a diagnostic test conducted with the latest technology in the industry. This technology is able to identify your specific make and model of car to determine the exact cause of any issues. Our diagnostic service includes an onboard computer scan and diagnostic code retrieval, a quality service check conducted by our team, a road test of your car, a visual inspection of your engine compartment and an answer to the cause of your car issues. We then provide you with an accurate quote for repairs, so you can let us know if you’d like to go ahead.

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Our booking tool is available online 24 hours a day, so you can book your diagnostic test anytime. If you’ve got a warning light on your car and you’d like to give us a call, feel free to do so. We can provide any advice and guidance over the phone but won’t necessarily be able to accurately diagnose any issue without having a look at your vehicle.

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